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Oil & Gas

PRUDENT INNOVATION SERVICES Pte Ltd was founded with key objective in bring immediate value to our clients by delivering faster access to products and technology as well as providing supportive supply chain structure.


Specialising in the provision of oilfield completion equipment and engineering services for both Operators and Service Companies, our team works closely with our customers to turn ideas and concepts into innovative products, providing high quality and cost effective solutions.


Located in Singapore, we are ideally positioned for global access to the world Oil and Gas markets. PIS benefits from immediate access to a large knowledge base of specialist metallurgies, elastomers and machining base in the region.


Our goal is to provide complete manufacturing and delivery of critical oilfield equipment from conceptual design to the complete installation - A start to finish completion system provider.

•    Flow Control Equipment

•    Pressure Control Equipment

•    Gas Lift Equipment

•    Tubular Mounted Equipment

•    Slickline Tool

•    Wireline Tool

•    Auxiliary Service Tool

•    Safety Valve and Accessories

•    Packers and Accessories

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